Creating and Posting in Your Blog after your Research Gliffy is finished.

Please check off boxes as you complete each step.
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Essential Questions:
What can I get passionate about?
How do I find other young people who share this passion?

ONE: (5 min) Browse your Google Reader for an interesting new snippet that relates to your topic. Leave it open in that window and open a new window.

TWO: (5 min) Freewrite about your question. Consider everything that you have seen and learned since you started your research. Incorporate your snippet into the freewrite by copying and pasting it, highlight it and click the quotation marks on the toolbar in Google Docs, cite it at the bottom of the freewrite and explain why you included it.

THREE: Write a focused sentence.
Write one perfectly worded sentence that summarizes everything you have written so far.
ALSO, show your opinion in that sentence. Start an argument. Write one completely correct sentence that some people might disagree with or want to discuss.

FOUR: (5 min) Freewrite again starting from your focused sentence, then add 5 tags (or keywords)
This time, start your writing with your Focused Sentence. That sentence should be the first sentence of a new freewrite on the same Google Doc.
Add 5 or more tags or keywords, with commas between each in parenthesis at the end of your freewrite. Your tags describe what it is about. What are your topics?

FIVE: Edit your spelling and grammar.

SIX: (5 min) Search for Creative Commons images. Use one of your 5 keywords or tags from step Four (above) to find an image that is related to your writing., commons/

SEVEN: (5 min) Get the image and Insert Image into your Google Doc.
Right-click on the image and Save Image As.
Save the image to your folder.
Use the Insert Tab to insert an image into your document.
Cite your image at the bottom of your writing. Type these words:
Image Source: "Title," By Photographer.
Put a link under the title to where the photograph is online.
Right-click on the image, and Copy Image Location. Highlight the title. Click on the link symbol. In the URL box, highlight http://, then paste URL from the Image Location.
This is all made easier with All you have to do is click for the Details, beside an image. Copy the three lines under Summary. Finally, paste these three lines at the bottom of your Google Doc.

EIGHT: (5 min) Freewrite again thinking about the photograph. Edit your writing.
This time, write about your topic with the image in mind. What does this image make you think about your topic?

NINE: Create a New Post on your Blog by copying all from Google Docs and Pasting it into the Text Body.
Be sure to have the following:
Good, unique, clever, come-read-me title
5+ tags or keywords for your post
Access Restriction: Public

TEN: Format your image -- left or right, and so that the text wraps around it.
Click on the image, then click on the image icon. (It has a tree in it.)
Set the Alignment to Left or Right.
Put 10 in for Vertical Space
Put 10 in for Horizontal Space
Click Update, then Save Post

NOW: Write comments on three other blogs on Youth Voices using the Sentence Starter guidelines.
Use highlighted Keywords from the bottom of your post to find someone with similar interests or blog posts. Add a comment to his or her related blog post.