Join and go to the "How am I doing?" communitiy in Youth Voices or the Personal Learning Space. Once you are in that community, find the Community Blog to the right, then click Post a New Entry and write a self-assessment about your progress as a Youth Voices or Personal Learning Space blogger. (Please make the Access Restriction: Community: How am I doing?)
  1. What makes for a really good blog post -- one that others want to read and respond to?
    • Is it something you care about? Is it about something important?
    • Is there enough writing? Is there too much? What keeps the reader reading?
    • Is there an image? How does this help the reader?
    • Are there snippets or quotations, and are they interesting? Do they give the reader useful information?
    • Is there a podcast? What does it add to the post?
  2. What did you do this week -- or since you last wrote about your blogging?
    • Tell stories about what has been happening to you in Youth Voices.
    • What has been surprising, too easy, too hard, cool, boring or whatever! Tell us about it.
    • What have you been posting about?
    • How close are your posts to being "really good" -- as defined above?
    • How many times have you commented? Have others commented on your posts?
    • Have you added any friends? Has anybody added you?
  3. What do you hope to do next week on your blog?
    • What do you wish you could do on Youth Voices that you don't know how to do yet?
    • What do you want to do again?
    • What are you learning about yourself, others, and the world on Youth Voices?
  4. What's the difference between...
    • writing on paper and blogging?
    • MySpace and