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Good Music Gone Bad

Carrie L., Alta S., & Stefan R.

In this Music Show, you will listen to a brief description of good music back then and bad music from today.

Songs Used:
- “Gimme More” by: Britney Spears
- “All My Loving” by: Jim Sturgess written by: The Beatles
- “I Want To Hold Your Hands Tonight” by: The Beatles

Sources Used:

“In concept, this movie is absolutely amazing. The idea of using the music of one of the most revered bands ever to tell a story set in the backdrop of the time in which the music was created is just this side of genius.”


“The real failure is in the ridiculous things that the songwriters give her to sing and the uninspired musical backdrops that the producers provide her.”
mp3 for Computer Talk show will go here
Nowadays, new ideas are floruishing throughout the world of the internet. People are very advance in technology in this century we are living in. When these new ideas are being published on the web, many confusions and problems are brought among the viewers. Computers are very common in the technology world, but yet many people doesn't know how to navigate this amazing machine.
Our mp3 here created by Wilson Z. and Vanny K. is based on the many problems of the cyberworld. This computer talk show is here to provide you the solutions for your common computer problems. Feel free to ask us about anything computer related and hopefully we would be able to help you. Also we hope you'll find our first computer talk show to be helpful. Enjoy!
mp3 for Au Courant show will go here
In the October November edition of Au Courant, Mimi, Mavis and Feng spoke about Eleanor Roosevelt's spirit week and fun facts about teachers. Websites: under the username Housing Madness and under the username Jazz Trombones. Music was provided by Tim Urban: and the song American Fanfare. Listen and enjoy!
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MP3 for Fashion Radio by Erin, Kathy, Morgan and Anna
In our show we will talk about the newest trends in fashion.

Sources Used for their Tory Burch article, FabSUGAR

mp3 for Music Show will go here
We talked about the different ways people express themselves through music.