Interview a classmate, then put your audio introductions on this page.
Please use the discussion tab, to share questions and suggestions for creating and posting the audio introductions.

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East Bronx Academy for the Future, NYC

Paul Allison at East Bronx Academy, NYC

Eleanor Roosevelt High School, NYC

Susan Ettenheim at ERHS, NYC

Mavis and Wendy at ERHS, NYC

Benjamin and Feng at ERHS NYC

Alta, Jerry and Yik at ERHS NYC

Erin, Carrie, and Bryan at ERHS, NYC

Amy and Kathy at ERHS NYC

Vanny and Stefan at ERHS NYC

Mimi and Sandi at ERHS NYC

Morgan and Brian at ERHS NYC

Anna and Chris at ERHS NYC

Rachelle and Connor at ERHS NYC

Westwood Schools, GA

Vicki Davis at Westwood Schools, GA

Hunter and Taylor at Westwood Schools GA

Annabelle and Kathryn at Westwood Schools GA

Kathryn and Annabelle at Westwood Schools GA

Victoria Kaycie and Will at Westwood Schools GA

Joy and Skylar at Westwood Schools GA

Kara and Shelby at Westwood Schools GA

Jay andJake Edore at Westwood Schools GA

Jake Kotter, John, and Logan at Westwood Schools GA


Michael at JFH, VA

Trenton HS West, New Jersey

Bill O'Neal. Teacher of English Somehow my voice sounds lower than life on this upload!

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