Topic 3: Of the animals that you hunt or trap, which ones do you eat?

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Deer hunting is very popular in our area. Our county boarders National Forest and these areas are accessible to hunters.
Venison is a popular food. My husband likes to cook the tenderloin (steak) on the grill. Many people make their own jerky and sausage. Ground venison can be used as a substitute for ground beef but it is very lean and has a stronger taste.
Personally, I don’t care for venison, but my husband and sons do enjoy it.
My guys also like to hunt doves in the fall. The doves gather in the corn fields after the harvest to eat the leftover corn. They bring me a bunch of dove breasts. I then cut the meat and make “dove nuggets” which are almost like regular chicken nuggets.
deb_n at JFH, VA.

Well, We don’t eat only animals, we eat berries, Fruits, Nuts, vegetables, and meat. But what we eat are: Cows, pigs, deer, fish, mostly anything (as long as It does not kill us) And that’s mostly what we eat. Justin _ L at JFH, VA

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