Topic 1: What is the climate (environment) like?

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The weather now in Marshall right now is below zero and sunny out. Man if you were here, you would be complaining about how cold it is outside. What is your weather like in Virginia? Is Virginia warmer or colder than Marshall? I’m guessing it’s warmer than ours because Virginia is not in the north like Alaska. Adrian_S_at_Marshall_Ak

The climate in Marshall can be both insanely cold, or annoyingly hot. During the wintertime it can be severly cold, so cold that when you spit it freezes before it hits the ground. The dogs howl and cry all night because they are cold too, and the night sky is smokey from the rooftops of people’s houses. And children waddle around town because their mothers made them wear extra clothing to beat off the chilling cold. Yeah, it can get that cold but I love how the cold air kisses your blue skin, and how you can breathe in the fresh air and your senses are awakened. Also, when it is very cold out, you can see the Northern Lights in the night sky and it makes you happy you live in Alaska.
During the summer, it can get so hot everyone is cranky and annoyed at everyone else. It can be funny sometimes, but not when you are the one that is being like that. To stay cool and happy we take boat rides anywhere and everywhere we want to go. Maybe even stop somewhere to swim in the cooling water somewhere. We also set nets to catch fish to cut and save it for the winter. That special place is what we call, “fishcamp”. It takes the entire summer and a part of fall to be completely finished with the fish. We cut king salmon, chum, dog fish, coho, and a few other fish. The king salmon is my favorite fish to eat, because it is so delicious with anything. In a soup, smoked, barbecued, cooked over the fire, or even their eggs! That may sound disgusting but it’s actually pretty good! Maybe you should try it and see it for yourself! -Ariel_A_At_Marshall_Ak

The climate in this area depends on the season. In the summer it gets really hot and temperatures can get close to 100 degrees. In the fall everything starts to cool down and you have to get the jackets out. In the winter the temperatures get down in the teens. When spring comes around the flowers start blooming and everything starts warming up. That’s what the temperatures are around this area. charise_a_at_JFH, VA

The climate for our part of Virginia is Humid Continental. Well, that’s what we lerarned in World Geography. We have 4 seasons. We also have a different time zone then Alaska. We are almost 4 hours ahead of Alaska. Right now we are in the season of spring. We just finished the season of winter. What is your climate type?
makenzie_ at JFH,VA

The climate here is very nice and hot in the summer, in the winter the weather is cold. The temperatures depend on what season it is in, in spring it is just starting to warm up, in the fall it is just starting to cool down. In the winter it snows and sometimes we even get ice, in the summer the weather is very nice, but it can get really hot. Sometimes in the summer the temperature can get to 100 or more, and in the winter the temperatures get really low and sometimes drops below zero. alyssa_s at jfh, va

The climate in the little village of Marshall Alaska starting from the late September is cold and snowy. During that time the fall moose hunt is open to the residents of Alaska. My family and I go out camping for moose, which we harvest for the winter. Going into October ice starts flowing down the Yukon River. After the ice flows it freezes and it snows over in early November. Around Christmas the weather reaches –40 degrees below zero. The weather stays cold through the New Year and on through February. In early March the weather starts getting warm during the days and cold at night. The snow starts to melt around late March and early April. As the snow melts the migratory birds start arriving in the nesting grounds of Alaska. We go hunt the birds with our snow machines in the watery terrain. After hunting the ice in the rivers start going. I like to hunt ducks along the sloughs. Jarin_K_at_Marshall_ AK


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