First, How to deal with your tags:

Your Personal Tag cloud is here:
(which is a link -- tags -- under a users name)

This is another way to make your own tag cloud in color:

Go to:
Keep where it says Your Website: http:// replace USERNAME with your own user name
Then click Get Tags
You will have to delete tags retrieved from the search. ex: Log on:, Youth Voice, Tag Cloud
If you would like to change the colors of your tags, go to where it says Link colors: and change the colors.
When your done click Generate HTML Code
Copy the code

Next, go to Your Profile and then click Add Widget
Once there, go all the way to the bottom of the page and click Text Box
Put to HTML code in the Text Box and give your Tag Cloud a nice title.
Make sure your post is Public and Save Widget
Your Tag Cloud should now be on your profile.

Note: The website used only takes the 50 most used tags

Example of a Tag Cloud

For putting All activity onto the profile:

Add Your Activity to your profile page
For putting All activity onto your profile:
Use this URL:
Right-click or control-click on the orange box right under a user's name and then paste either one in the next step

Click on the Your Resources button
Click Subscribe
Paste in the above URL

Then go to the widgets, and use the Feed Widget>Displays the latest entries from an external feed of your choice
Click Add
Choose your user name: Activity which will be on the drop down menu
Then enter the number of feed entries you'd like to display:
type 25
Change the access to Public