10 Self / 10 World Questions: Questions as starting points for writing and researching in an online environment

  1. Write 10 questions that you have about self and 10 questions that you have about the world.
  2. If you are using Google Docs, make the teacher a collaborator so that the teacher knows who is having trouble and who has not completed the assignment and who needs help with editing the questions so they can be useful to the student for writing and researching.
  3. In parenthesis, type at least one tag after each question. (tag is another word for keyword)
  4. In the Interests section of your Youth Voices or Personal Learning Space elgg, add each of the tag words. Notice that some will immediately become links. You will know it is a link if it has an underline after typing it. These links are connections to other students in the elgg who have similar interests and concerns.
  5. Next, pick one question and write about it as though you are the expert. Write about why it is of interest to you and all that you already know about it. Write about what you would like to know about it that you don't already know.
  6. Refer to the Be a Blogger Guide[1], the Producing (Drafts) section for guidelines as to how to deepen the writing and make it more interesting.
  7. When you are done, remember to post the writing as a blog post in the elgg and tag it.
  8. Now you can read and listen to other blog posts that relate to the same topic. Comment to those writers who are writing and recording posts about topics that are also of interest to you.
  9. Continue to use the Be a Blogger Guide[2], the for guidelines as to how to publish and participate in interesting conversations and make new friends in the elgg.

Essential Questions

  • What questions do you have and how can you find information that helps you answer those questions online?
  • Why are some things important to some people and how and why do people share their interests and questions online?
  • How can an online community help you find answers to questions that you have?
  • How do you make sure that your questions come to the attention of those who can help you online and how do you connect with people to get them to help you and for you to help them online?


Some questions

  • Self:
At what age will I die? (death) Will I be obese? (obesity, fat) Will I age quickly? (aging, old) Will i get any taller? (height, tall) Will I get stronger? (strength, power) Why must we go to school? (school)
  • World:
Will peace ever be gained? (peace) Is the world really running out of oil energy? (oil, energy) Will there be a cure to cancer? (cancer) Will there be a cure for HIV? (HIV) Is the Dominican Republic ever going to be a rich country? (Dominican Republic) Is Osama Bin Laden going to be captured? (Bin Laden) Why do people judge each other? (judge)

Find out more about this approach, follow Paul Allison's Trailfire trail, "10self10world.