From fishing to snowboarding, Marshall school rocks!!!!

Join us in our adventures and explorations of culture, tradition and education

(collage by Jason Moen)

Marshall School is a K-12 school located on the Yukon River in Marshall, AK.

Fall Camping project

A picture tells a thousand words project

Thanksgiving Stories

3rd & 4th grade Christmas Drawing Stories

Rural and City collaboration - Alaska meets New York City

Learn Yupik Words

We Wish You a Merry Christmas video

Russian Orthodox Slaviq Christmas

Alaska - Virginia Exchange

Activities other than seal hunting ;-)

Marshall Poetry

Good morning, I heard about the project online and the great work you and your school are doing. I thought I would send a vote of confidence and support in the work you are doing Mr Woodgate! Yes, I agree it is a very global world. Lets connect?


Kristian Still Southampton, England btecnationalsinsport wikispace.