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9th Graders at Eleanor Roosevelt High School share stories about their first days of high school. What do you notice in our stories? Is it similar or different from your lives? Please share your stories!
  • What places in your community are special to you?
  • What stories can you tell about these places?
  • Would these stories be what people expect someone from your community to write? Or would they be surprised?
  • How will reading your story and knowing about your special place help a young person at another school relate to your life and get to know you?

JuiletteM at ERHS, NYC

My first week of High School

Thura A at ERHS, NYC

My First Few Days At ELROOO

Chelsea B at ERHS, NYC

first week of school

Erando at ERHS, NYC

my first week of high school

Hanora M at ERHS, NYC

From Meters to Miles - My High School Story

Sean D at ERHS, NYC

The 11th and 12th grade students at Eleanor Roosevelt High School were asked to create space capsules in which they would capture what they thought would be needed to show an alien what our world, society, and more was like today. Students were able to use Audio, Voicethread, Flash Animation and more to show how they thought dance, sports, music, and more were important today. If you were to create a space capsule, what would you include in it? How would you do it?
The class was inspired by WNYC's Radio Lab talk show, where different inspirational figures today talked about what they would include in their own space capsules. You can listen to these too! http://www.wnyc.org/shows/radiolab/episodes/2007/11/20

Jerry T at ERHS, NYC

Morgan L at ERHS, NYC

Benjamin C at ERHS NYC

Chelsea O at ERHS, NYC

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Erin @ Erhs NYC