This project is intended to reduce the geographical barriers between Alaska and Virginia by having students share and create wikis about common themes from their areas. Students will add pictures and short expository writings about topics that they brainstormed in class.

Student instructions:
A. Choose a topic from below and create a one paragraph answer to the question. Please remember to make sure that your personality (Voice) is evident in the writing and remember that you are writing this to other students your age. While you won't be graded for grammar, please try to make your paragraphs intelligible.
B. Choose a picture that fits the topic. It would be great if your picture is one that you took or is from your own digital library. However, if you choose a picture from the Internet please cite the URL that you found the picture.
C. Click on the question you wrote a paragraph about to get to the webpage for that question.
D. Click on "Edit This Page" then put your paragraph under the ones already there. Include your first name - underscore - last initital - underscore - the word at - underscore - the school initials - underscore - and state. For Virginia, I would use Lee_B_at_JFH_VA at the end of my paragraph.
E. Put your photograph somewhere in the collage that looks nice and place the URL for where you found your picture at the bottom of the page in line with the other citations other students have put there already.
F. Click Save. If by chance two people are trying to save at the same time, one of the people will lose their work since a wiki can only save one change at a time. Please check with the students in your class to make sure you are the only one editing that page at that time. Take turns if more than one wants to make a change or add their material.


>1. What is the climate (environment) like?
>2. What kind of animals do your students hunt or trap?
>3. Which, if any, of the animals do you eat?
>4. How do you prepare them? (maybe a recipe exchange of exotic foods?)
>5. What kind of transportation do you use to hunt? And are there any rules pertaining to transport?
>6. What types of trees / plants / crops grow in your area?

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