Topic 2: What kind of animals do your students hunt or trap?


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There are many animals we hunt and trap. Animals like moose, geese, beavers, fox, rabbits, lynx, martens, and wolves. You might find these animals around the timberlines. My favorite to hunt is geese. Most students around here start of hunting, snaring, and trapping rabbits. Older guys skin the fur and send the fur out to fur trading companies. A lot of people in Marshall enjoy going out and trapping the animals. Arthur_F_at_Marshall_AK

Here in Marshall we hunt and trap all kinds of animals. Trapping season is during the winter when the fur of animals are in valuable condition. Here around Marshall we trap mink, marten, lynx, fox, wolf, wolverine, rabbit, beaver, and otter. We usually just take the animals for their fur and reserve the meat for dogs. Most of the fur are sold or used to make warm cozy clothes for our long, cold winters. Most of the furs are bought by fur companies. During the spring we hunt beaver, muskrat and water fowl birds. All the meat is prepared for a delicious meal or stored in freezers for another time. During the fall, we hunt moose and all the meat is stored for our winter months. Brandon_F_at_Marshall_AK

The Animals that we hunt and trap in the winter are Rabbits, Ptarmigans, Foxes, and Beavers. These are animals that we mainly go out to hunt and trap and bring to the school. Then we bring the animals to the school to skin and store the meat in the school’s freezer. We also give out the animals we caught if we have more than we need, to the community. There are some school days that we eat the animals that we caught during our lunch, and invite the local people to come and eat our share. Donald_F_At_Marshall_Ak

I am a big time hunter! I hunt deer every chance I get during hunting season. If I’m not home, I’m in the woods. Also, I hunt squirrels. Every now and then I will trap fox for my grandmothers neighbor. madison_b at JFH, VA

The animals that I hunt are Moose, Fish, Birds, Rabbits, and Beavers. In the fall I hunt moose and beavers. I catch fish in June when subsistence starts. I hunt birds in spring and before winter begins. I also hunt rabbits and moose in the winter. Vassily_S_at_Marshall_AK


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